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Key Notes on Adolf Hitler’s Zionist Collaboration

Did Adolf Hitler “cuck out to”/”cuck for” Zion?

While this proposition is open to debate, depending on one’s definition of “political cuckoldry,” we’ll let the actual facts speak in our behalf. And, fact is, regardless of his personal impetus/motives/reasons for doing so, Adolf Hitler was a willing Founding Father of the Jewish State of Israel.

The Hitler Worship Cult: Distortion, Justification & Mythmaking (Powerwolf Publications) (Volume 13): https://www.amazon.com/dp/1533074763/

Hitler, whether the Alt-Reich/Alt-Right likes it or not, was a Founding Father of the Jewish ethnostate of Israel, which Alt-Right hero-President Donald J. Trump just officially endorsed via his declaration of Jerusalem as the CAPITAL of the Jewish State. The silence of the Hitler Worship Cult (HWC)/Alt-Right community is deafening.

Zionist Jews collaborated with Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP/Foreign Office in forcefully relocating Jews, by hook or by crook, from Europe to Palestine (now Israel). Here’s a synopsis of Klaus Polkehn’s main points in his groundbreaking article, The Secret Contacts – Zionism and Nazi Germany 1933-1941:

The discriminatory [Nazi] round-up of German Jews and their persecution was planned and implemented with the consent and collaboration of Jews who proudly called themselves “Zionist.”
A year and a half after the outbreak of war, January 11, 1941 , the Irgun Zvai Leumi offered an agreement of collaboration with the Third Reich. They said:
“It is often stated in the speeches and utterances of the leaders of Nationalist Socialist Germany that a New Order in Europe requires as a prerequisite the radical solution of the Jewish question through evacuation. (Judesreines Europa)
The solving of the Jewish Problem [Irgun Leumi’s words] and thus the liberation of the Jewish people once and for all [i.e., the “Final Solution”] is the objective of the political activity and the years’ long struggle of the Jewish freedom movement: the National Military Organization [NMO] (Irgun Zvai Leumi) in Palestine.
The NMO, which is well acquainted with the goodwill of the German Reich Government [the Nazi Government] and its authorities towards Zionist activity inside Germany and towards Zionist emigration plans is of the opinion that:
1 . Common interests could exist between the establishment of a new order in Europe in conformity with the German [Nazi] concept and the true national aspirations of the Jewish people as they are embodied by the NMO.
2. Cooperation between the new [Nazi] Germany and a renewed Hebrew nation would be possible.
3. The establishment of the historical Jewish state on a national and totalitarian basis and bound by a treaty with the [Nazi] German Reich would be in the interest of maintaining and strengthening the future German position of power in the Near East.”

Source: https://archive.org/details/TheSecretContacts-ZionismAndNaziGermany1933-1941

Gen-X FashyCast w/Johnny & Ronnie – Episode 6

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**WARNING: Listener discretion is advised. Potentially offensive/graphic content.**

In our sixth podcast, Fritz Berg and I discuss the mainstream Holocaust narrative vs. the (Neo)Revisionist narrative. We also talk about various sociopolitical topics and current events, from the Jewish declaration of war against “Hitler Germany” to today’s #EUMigrantCrisis. Loaded with one-of-a-kind analysis and insight, you are guaranteed to hear something you have never heard before in this epic 2-part podcast. Have a listen!! (John was unable to participate in this episode owing to Hurricane Irma, but we were in contact throughout the storm. No worries, he’s safe but still without power. And he even edited this entire podcast during the storm!!)

Unfortunately, my recording software cut off while Fritz and I were discussing the language used in Himmler’s Posen speech, color video footage of the Holocaust deceased (and how none of the bodies were RED), as well as additional Goebbels’ diaries/Crystal Night and Jewish evacuation information, but most of this is (fortunately) covered in detail in our book “Crystal Night, 1938: Nazi Pogrom or Zionist Scheme?: An Investigative Analysis”: https://amazon.com/dp/1540692175/ and in the following discussion thread on RODOH: https://rodoh.info/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=3028. For those who are interested in these details, please check out our book and these links.

Official German Katyn Massacre report: https://archive.org/details/Auswaertiges-Amt-Amtliches-Material-zum-Massenmord-von-Katyn

My HTT article on IH: http://inconvenienthistory.com/9/3/4880

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Gen-X FashyCast w/Johnny & Ronnie – Episode 6(1) – 09/10/2017

Gen-X FashyCast w/Johnny & Ronnie – Episode 6(2) – 09/10/2017

VIDEO: Gen-X FashyCast w/Johnny & Ronnie – Episode 6(1) – 09/10/2017

VIDEO: Gen-X FashyCast w/Johnny & Ronnie – Episode 6(2) – 09/10/2017

Music by Heimatærde & E Nomine.

Fritz Berg (edited):

“Although the given “official” story (perfected long after the war) was that “gassings had stopped in Nov. 1944” — what is the basis for such a claim — by Hilberg or anyone?…

Why would the Nazis have stopped their homicidal gassings when the enemy was so near to defeating them–and so likely to interview countless Jewish “survivors” for their unique horror stories?  Why leave any Jewish “survivors” alive at all?  So, try to find the document ordering that “gassings be stopped in November, 1944.”  Hilberg NEVER found any such document and neither did…anyone else…In any event, autopsies are…enormously important for exposing the holocaust. No doubt, the autopsies we know about are a major reason why Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald and Dachau have all been dropped as places where gassings might have occurred–even though any “gassings” might have simply been halted a few months before war’s end just like at Auschwitz supposedly.”

My response: It is super curious why NO autopsies were ever conducted on any bodies discovered at Auschwitz-Birkenau. Why not?

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Below is a comment posted on a neo-nazi blog by (Trad)revisionist Carlos W. Porter, which was copied & pasted and sent to me via email.

Soros and Reptilians Controlling the World: Yair Netanyahu Posts Meme Rife With anti-Semitic Themes

Just some food for thought…

Haaretz | September 9, 2017

Ex-KKK leader David Duke comes to the defense of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s son after he posts a meme that suggests a conspiracy is behind his family’s growing legal problems

Yair Netanyahu, the son of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, posted an image on his Facebook page Saturday that seems to suggest a conspiracy is behind his family’s growing legal problems. The meme is laden with anti-Semitic imagery.

The meme, captioned “the food chain,” features a photo of George Soros dangling the world in front of a reptilian creature, who dangles an alchemy symbol in front of a caricature of a figure reminiscent of the anti-Semitic “happy merchant” image.

The other figures in the chain are former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, anti-Netanyahu protest leader Eldad Yaniv and Meni Naftali, a former chief caretaker at the Netanyahus’ official residence who implicated Sara Netanyahu in the case she is being indicted in.

Soros, a Hungarian-born Jewish American billionaire, has spent a large part of his fortune funding pro-democracy and human rights groups. Among the organizations he funds is Human Rights Watch, a frequent critic of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and its policies toward the Palestinians. The images of Soros and the reptile evoke anti-Semitic conspiracy theories claiming that Jews control the world.

The neo-Nazi Daily Stormer also posted an article regarding the meme entitled “Netanyahu’s Son Posts Awesome Meme Blaming the Jews for Bringing Down his Jew Father,” in which they called Yair Netanyahu “a total bro.”

This version of the meme seems to have originated on a right-wing Facebook page. The meme is nearly identical to, and appears to be adapted from, a viciously anti-Semitic image that has been repeatedly posted across the internet in recent years on racist and conspiracy-theory message boards.

Like most memes, it is impossible to determine who originally created it. In one instance, it was posted by a white supremacist named John de Nugent with the title “Illuminatus Jew Dumb American Burger” in its URL.

In the original version of the meme, the first figure in the “food chain” is an obese walrus in an American flag T-shirt tempted by a hamburger dangled in front of him. Behind the man is an Orthodox Jew motivated by money, controlled by the same Illuminati figure featured in the cartoon that Netanyahu posted, with the same giant lizard looming over them all.

The Southern Poverty Law Center describes de Nugent as “a prolific writer who has worked with numerous hate groups including the neo-Nazi National Alliance and the Holocaust-denying Barnes Review. De Nugent has run for elected office, and has even vowed to one day become president. While maintaining racist views about numerous racial and ethnic groups, de Nugent is particularly anti-Semitic, believing that the Jews are, along with nefarious space aliens, intent on exterminating the Aryan race.”

After Haaretz published a report about his meme, Yair Netanyahu dismissed the claim that he is anti-Semitic and accused the newspaper of being exactly that.

Barak, who is depicted in the meme chasing money, suggested that Yair Netanyahu should see a psychiatrist. “Is this what the kid hears at home?” he said. “Is it genetics, or a spontaneous mental illness? It doesn’t matter. In any case, we should fund his psychiatrist instead of security guards and a driver.”

Labor leader Avi Gabbay, also on Twitter, said: “It’s a particularly sad day for Israel when a caricature that’s endorsed by the head of the KKK emerges from the home of the prime minister of the Jewish state.”

MK Zehava Galon (Meretz) added that “motifs in the Netanyahu family are anti-Semitic par excellence.” MK Merav Ben Ari (Kulanu) said that “this post deserves all manners of condemnation, from the left and the right. I’m on the right.”

Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit announced Friday that Sara Netanyahu would be indicted for fraud and breach of trust. She is to be charged with spending 359,000 shekels ($102,000) in state funds on catering at the prime minister’s official residence, while falsely claiming that the house did not employ a cook. The indictment is subject to a hearing, whose date has not yet been announced.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has accused Naftali, the last link in Yair Netanyahu’s meme, of inflating spending on food during his tenure as chief caretaker of the official residence.

Source: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.811374

Israel Admits: We’re Incapable of Forcing Out All 40,000 Asylum Seekers

A little food for thought…

Ilan Lior | September 6, 2017

Interior Minister Arye Dery acknowledged Monday that Israel cannot force the departure of all asylum seekers from Africa, who number upwards of 40,000.

“Even if problems with third countries are resolved we won’t be able to remove all the infiltrators. There is a certain amount with whom I’ll know how to contend and divide up. Right now it’s too large a mass for us,” said Dery on Monday in an interview with on Army Radio.

Dery reiterated that Israel was trying to amend the agreements reached with third countries so that the consent of deportees is no longer required before they are sent to those countries. In the meantime, the Population and Immigration Authority is promoting an amendment to the law regulating entry into Israel, which would allow the indefinite detention of asylum seekers who refuse to go to Rwanda or Uganda. The Supreme Court has restricted the incarceration of people refusing to leave to two months.

Dery criticized the Supreme Court’s decision. “We hid nothing from the Court. The Court sent us back and forth several times and received the outline of our agreement with third countries, who expressly knew that we were not taking people to airplanes in handcuffs and that people refusing to go would remain under guardianship here until they consented to leave. These countries and the Court knew this, so I’m surprised that they ignored this point,” he said.

In response to a question of whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was surprised by what he saw on a visit to south Tel Aviv, Dery replied in the affirmative several times. The two toured the area in a car with dark-tinted windows, guided by people from the Population and Immigration Authority. This was Netanyahu’s second visit there within a span of several days. In his first eight years in office he had not been there once.

Dery: In south Tel Aviv, “you hardly see any Israeli out at night”

“When you see the atmosphere there, on a pleasant day with everyone outdoors, it’s nice to see,” said Dery. “But when you look at the buildings and streets and you know what Neve Sha’anan, Levinsky and HaGdud HaIvri Streets and the park used to look like, everything has been wiped out. You hardly see any Israeli in the dark hours and it wasn’t even that late. You see those families and their children. When you hear police reports on what goes on there at night and you realize that Tel Aviv residents still live there, Israelis and Jews who found a place for themselves there. Why are they to blame?”

Dery voiced some veiled criticism at his Shas rival Eli Yishai, who was interior minister between 2009 and 2013, when most African asylum seekers entered Israel. “I really don’t know who put them on buses after they crossed the fence on the border with Egypt, bringing them to Tel Aviv. Who decided to bring them there, of all places? Who decided to place them among the weakest population and destroy its way of life and its neighborhoods? The issue of who made this cruel and foolish decision should be looked into. I opposed it when I saw it,” he said.

The new director-general of the Population and Immigration Authority, Prof. Shlomo Mor-Yosef, who assumed his post last month, said in an interview to Reshet Bet radio that it might be possible to deal with the asylum seekers in Israel, but if conditions are eased many others might come. “On a personal level and as an option that’s on the table, of course it’s an option. Ultimately one could say that there is a certain number here and further entry has been blocked, so let’s deal with these 40,000 people. This is a limited problem which could have a solution. But what if 20,000 others arrive?” he asked. “What happens when they see that the state can live with that, saying OK, keep on coming? That’s why such a decision is not on the agenda now. No one is raising this as a possibility. Now we want to minimize the numbers of illegal infiltrators in Israel.”

Mor-Yosef related to criticism of Dery’s announcement that he would forbid the employment of asylum seekers who refuse to leave for a third country. “We aren’t starving them. It’s not at that level. Illegal migrants cannot work, according to the entire world. At one point there was no option so we let them work in order to survive. Now there is an option which Israel prefers. No one is starving them. They are given $3,500, a plane ticket and accompaniment to a third country so that they can live there peacefully. The state wants them to exercise that option and if they don’t, it doesn’t want to provide them with any more benefits.”

Source: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.810601

#WhyTheHateWhen HeGaveYouYourState?

Some folks are under the impression that the commemorative token about a Nazi who traveled to Palestine in behalf of Zionism is a fake.

Mark Weber, David Irving, Lenni Brenner, and the USHMM have all attested to its authenticity.

Excerpt from “The Secret Contacts: Zionism and Nazi Germany, 1933-1941” by Klaus Polkehn.

The article series that appeared in Dr. Goebbels’ “Der Angriff” used the term “NAZI”. Goebbels himself was not averse to using the term “NAZI” to describe National Socialism if it suited his propaganda purposes. (E.g., his pamphlet “Der Nazi-Sozi”; see images below).

1934 EIN NAZI FÄHRT NACH PALÄSTINA (A Nazi Travels to Palestine) UND ERZÄHLT DAVON IM Angriff (And tells about it in Angriff). Medal by Lauer of Nuremberg.

Here are a few relevant links–
USHMM: https://collections.ushmm.org/search/catalog/irn517746
David Irving’s FPP: http://www.fpp.co.uk/online/09/07/Nazi_Zionism.html
Lenni Brenner on the coin: http://cosmos.ucc.ie/cs1064/jabowen/IPSC/articles/article0062443.html

Who Created the EU Migrant Crisis and Why? by J. A. Sexton

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The migrant crisis. Most of us throughout the western world have heard about it. Sometimes we’ve heard good things, sometimes bad. On Twitter, for example, we tend to hear a lot about epidemics of crime and rape, as well as chaotic demonstrations of violence – burning and overturning of vehicles, blockading of roads, flash mobs, etc. – in relation to the so-called “Syrian refugees” fleeing war-torn Syria. On YouTube and other official venues, which are subject to stricter regulation, oversight and perception management, we tend to hear mostly only good things about the “refugees”.

What we don’t hear a lot about is who is behind this migrant crisis. And if we do not know much about who is behind it, then we cannot very well understand why it’s happening.

We get only bits and pieces in videos, essays, blogs and Tweets online. And what we do get online is either incorrect or incomplete.

Analysis: Another 15 million African migrants by 2020?

That’s where this book comes into the picture. We are going to give you all of the correct why’s in one, concise presentation.

The goal of this book is to provide all Westerners with a comprehensive, if brief, explanation of the migrant crisis in a straightforward, unemotional, objective manner. This book is intended to be passed around and shared with others who are perplexed by this ongoing development.

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More Evidence of Nazi Support for Zionism





This scarce book is a report from a German (obviously a National Socialist) who visited Palestine. In the book which was printed 1934 from the Prager Verlag in Leipzig the author Kurt Stechert gives back what he saw in the land of Jews. The author tries to be as objective as possible but the Nazi ideology shines through in the text. I.e. he compares the Jewish “Kibbutz” with the German Labor Front and guess which organization “wins” in this comparison…

A rare original Third Reich book on Jews for anyone’s collection of historical antisemitic material!


Nazi-Zionist Collaboration Revealed (multiple sources)

Related original Third Reich publication promoting Jewish emigration:






This unique 9-1/4 x 12-1/2 inches item with 88 pages is probably one of the last publications which was printed by the Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland (Reichs association of the Jews in Germany)! It was printed only in a number of 10,000 copies and probably only a handful have survived! It is a detailed guide on how to legally emigrate from Hitler-Germany to a foreign country which is not (yet) ruled by a National Socialist and antisemitic government! This extremely interesting historic item was printed 1939 by the Jüdischer Kulturbund in Deutschland e.V., Abteilung Verlag in Berlin (Jewish cultural association in Germany, publishing division in Berlin). They were located in the Meinekestrasse in the center of Berlin and their building was probably confiscated only shortly after this guide was published.

The book is divided into two main chapters. The first chapter contains general information on the climate in the different regions of the world, the differences in housekeeping, etc. under these new conditions. Chapter two is on the emigration laws, life (especially pointed out the Jewish life!) in Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, Rhodesia, British India and Canada. A smaller chapter also deals about the Jewish emigration to the United States of America. Mentioned are also helpful books which give advice on how to succeed in a foreign country. There are lots of very interesting advertisings, all from Jewish companies, all on the subject of moving, transportation, agents who would help with the immigration process, etc.

According to the Nazi racial laws every male Jew had to add the name Israel and every female the name Sara, this can be seen on the advertisings below.


Foreign news: Zion in Basle

TIME | Monday, July 27, 1931

Amid shouts and tears a chunky, goateed little British industrial chemist, Dr. Chaim Weizmann, was kissed and embraced by his followers last week as the 17th World Zionist Congress in Basle, Switzerland came to an end. For a fortnight 258 delegates had met in Basle’s stuffy Mustermesse (sample fair) Hall, had emotionally and continually vociferated. Result: a change in presidents; no change in Zionism’s complicated, diffuse political program.

Zionism’s leaders must achieve their ends by diplomacy rather than action. To carry out its program for a Jewish National Home in Palestine, Zionism is attempting to get money from world Jewry (its deficit is now $4,000,000), and concessions from Great Britain, mandate-holder of Palestine. In the Balfour Declaration of 1917, Jewry was promised a permanent Jewish National Home in Palestine. But England, most Zionists agree, has reneged in the last two years. The Simpson Commission issued a report implying that the Zionist land policy in Palestine was harmful to the Arabs. The Passfield White Paper (TIME, Nov. 3), stalling for the moment all Zionist progress, caused Dr. Weizmann to resign as president of the World Zionist Organization. The subsequent, interpretative MacDonald Letter attempted to modify the harshness of the White Paper, but failed to suit most Jews. The problem of dealing with England divided last fortnight’s Congress into two factions, focussed Zion’s attention once more upon its need for strong leadership.

God Save Us! Arab-Jewish riots, Wailing Wall troubles, world Depression, the death of two great leaders (Baron Melchett and Louis Marshall) and the slowing-up of Zionism’s executive machinery made Dr. Weizmann’s presidency a difficult one. But many delegates believe he was too conciliatory. Boomed bass-voiced Rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise last fortnight at the Congress: “A vote for the administration of Dr. Weizmann is a vote for the present British regime! . . . An eternal disgrace! . . . You have sat too long at British feasts!” Trembling, still pale from a recent throat operation, Dr. Weizmann hurried from the hall where he had been presiding, cried: “I could not stand it any longer! It is irresponsible and unparliamentary!” Then last week, after long hours of angry debate, a coalition of anti-Weizmannites gathered 118 votes and by electing Dr. Nahum Sokolow president made known their disapproval of the “eternal disgrace.”

But had they insured a new policy? Few thought so: some said they would have voted for the Mustermesse janitor in order to have a new deal. Day after Dr. Sokolow’s election the Congress elected an executive committee in which the majority are Weizmannites. Extremist in talk, the Congress had ended by becoming moderate in action, for the new president, 72-year-old Dr. Sokolow, is conservative, suave, quiet. Eminent among Jewish linguists and scholars, he has all his life been a journalist. Emotionally he spoke at the opening meeting, not in the statesman’s but in the Hebraist’s manner: “We are the oldest martyr people in the world! What pen can describe the wrongs and cruelties we have borne in the course of thousands of years? What good the nations have done us by such action as the Balfour Declaration is not kindness. Shall we now be driven into mistrust of mankind?” Fervently he quoted a Jew from Kishinev who cried: “God save us from commissions and we’ll save ourselves from pogroms!”

Action is the simple program of the Revisionists, who are Dr. Weizmann’s most violent opponents. They demand a national, autonomous Jewish state in Palestine. Zion, say they, may try once more to ”play the game” with England, but let no one think (as does Dr. Weizmann) that the present situation is in the least bearable. Organizer and leader of the Revisionists is 50-year-old Russian-born Vladimir Jabotinsky. Kinetic, rambunctious, romantic, he is called the Hitler, the Mussolini of young Zionists. Round-faced, bespectacled, he is a poet and international journalist. He founded the Jewish Legion of the British Army, fought in Palestine during the World War, was imprisoned in the fortress of Acco for leading a Jewish defense corps against Arab attackers in Jerusalem in 1920. Viewed now as a firebrand, he is forbidden to return to Palestine.

Vladimir Jabotinsky – “The Hitler of Zionism”

Weizmann supporters called the Revisionists ‘”Hitlerites” during the Congress last fortnight. Keeping obligingly in character, they shouted back: “Red slaves! Go to Moscow!” Impressively they arose during a later debate, walked out of the meeting just as dramatically as Hitlerites walked out of the Reichstag last February. Next day they walked back in, minus Leader Jabotinsky who announced he would take a six-month leave. One Revisionist, Abraham Lang, tore down a blue-&-white Zionist flag because he thought the Congress had “betrayed Zionism’s ideals.” He was tried last week, suspended from Zionist activities until next December. Abraham Lang wept.

URL: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,752916,00.html

Adolf Hitler Funded by the Bank of England in 1933

Audio (c) 2016 Wilk Mocy Publishers. All Rights Reserved. DMCA will be enforced.

Was Hitler funded by Wall Street before or after 1933, as Antony Sutton claims? No.

Was credit extended to Hitler by the Rothschild controlled Bank of England in 1933? Yes.

As I wrote in my “Demystification” essay back in 2011:

“…the (NSDAP’s) credit line suddenly improved,…thanks to the maneuverings of Franz von Papen and Baron Kurt von Schroeder with his syndicate of investors, including a number of prominent heavy industrialists, the Hamburg-America Steamship Line, the Stein Bank of Cologne, Commerz und Privat Bank, the Gelsenkirchen Mine Company, Deutsche Bank, Reichskredit-Gesellschaft Bank, Allianz Insurance, members of the potash industry, the Brabag Coal Company, Deutsches Erdöl, and a number of other brown-coal industrialists.”

The Jewish-owned bank J. H. Stein (located in Cologne) was commandeered by the Nazis when General Kurt von Schroeder (an ethnic German) retired from the military.

The Hitler Worship Cult (softcover): http://amazon.com/Hitler-Worship-Cult-Justification-Publications/dp/1533074763/

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