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The EU Migrant Crisis – Now on Audio Book!

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Powerwolf Podcast Quickie – Poland’s Political Genius (i.e., reparations)

“Like a grenade in a tar baby” (Poland’s reparations demand and Merkel’s rejection!!! thereof):

Germany and her #EUMigrantCrisis pet have ZERO ground to stand on. Whoops! Exposed!

Just listen to hypocritical Merkel lambast Germany for invading Poland back in 2009: https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4681817/merkel-912009

What’s with Merkel’s change of heart? She’ll hand all of Europe to a literal migrant invasion force, forking out billions of Euros to support these ‘apostles of culture and peace’, meanwhile telling Poland to “take her (justifiable) WW2 reparations demands and shove ’em”? Just, wow.

‘Lenin as German Agent’ Thesis Considered

Who Created the EU Migrant Crisis and Why? by J. A. Sexton

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The migrant crisis. Most of us throughout the western world have heard about it. Sometimes we’ve heard good things, sometimes bad. On Twitter, for example, we tend to hear a lot about epidemics of crime and rape, as well as chaotic demonstrations of violence – burning and overturning of vehicles, blockading of roads, flash mobs, etc. – in relation to the so-called “Syrian refugees” fleeing war-torn Syria. On YouTube and other official venues, which are subject to stricter regulation, oversight and perception management, we tend to hear mostly only good things about the “refugees”.

What we don’t hear a lot about is who is behind this migrant crisis. And if we do not know much about who is behind it, then we cannot very well understand why it’s happening.

We get only bits and pieces in videos, essays, blogs and Tweets online. And what we do get online is either incorrect or incomplete.

Analysis: Another 15 million African migrants by 2020?

That’s where this book comes into the picture. We are going to give you all of the correct why’s in one, concise presentation.

The goal of this book is to provide all Westerners with a comprehensive, if brief, explanation of the migrant crisis in a straightforward, unemotional, objective manner. This book is intended to be passed around and shared with others who are perplexed by this ongoing development.

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Friedrich Berg on Polish-German Relations

I think you have totally misread the circumstances leading to the German invasion of Poland.

I disagree.

Poland had committed numerous aggressive acts against Germany long before that Obersalzberg speech.  There was a civil war led by Polish terrorists like Korfanty in Silesia to gain territory there just after the end of WW1. My father was there and participated in some of the fighting. In the so-called Polish corridor, as soon as that was created, 1 1/2 million Germans were terrorized into leaving against their will and abandoning property and farms that they and their ancestors had owned for centuries.  Expulsion could have been avoided — i.e., unless the Poles were interested in a racially pure Poland. When my mother went through the corridor to Danzig in 1928 to visit her brother shortly before she came to the USA, the train had all windows covered so that any German travelers on board could not even look out at what had been theirs.

The population of Danzig itself was overwhelmingly German–like 97%–and had absolutely no desire to become part of Poland; yet, the Polish government made countless moves to force Danzig to give in to them.  Aren’t you even aware of that?

Well aware, yes: https://wilkmocy.com/?p=7954

In Bromberg in Poland, ethnic Germans had been terrorized there for years by local Poles–many Germans were killed. The Bromberg bloody Sunday massacre was years in the making. My uncle and his family had been living there for years.

Then how come the Bromberg massacre took place only after Hitler invaded? Surely the invasion — and this sort of thing below — enraged many Poles, perhaps to the point of committing horrific acts of revenge:

"A ten-year-old Polish girl named Kazimiera Mika, mourns the death of her older sister, who was killed in a field in Warsaw during a German air raid."
“A ten-year-old Polish girl named Kazimiera Mika, mourns the death of her older sister, who was killed in a field in Warsaw during a German air raid.”

I suggest you read AJP Taylor’s Origins of the Second World War.

I have read it.

You have misinterpreted Hitler’s belief that a war was inevitable, a perfectly reasonable thing to believe in the summer of 1939, with a desire to make war against totally passive nations. That was NOT the case at all.

I just found the following eloquent and thoughtful essay at the Scriptorium: http://www.wintersonnenwende.com/scriptorium/english/archives/articles/wrsynopsis.html

I just sent you two emails about Poland which I hope you will add to this blog.

What I saw in Poland in 1988 was so appalling that I was amazed that any “white” country could ever look that bad. Everything was neglected and near collapse. Czechoslovakia looked modern by comparison and East Germany looked better yet–but still, they all looked like hovels compared to Western Germany.

Adolf Hitler Funded by the Bank of England in 1933

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Was Hitler funded by Wall Street before or after 1933, as Antony Sutton claims? No.

Was credit extended to Hitler by the Rothschild controlled Bank of England in 1933? Yes.

As I wrote in my “Demystification” essay back in 2011:

“…the (NSDAP’s) credit line suddenly improved,…thanks to the maneuverings of Franz von Papen and Baron Kurt von Schroeder with his syndicate of investors, including a number of prominent heavy industrialists, the Hamburg-America Steamship Line, the Stein Bank of Cologne, Commerz und Privat Bank, the Gelsenkirchen Mine Company, Deutsche Bank, Reichskredit-Gesellschaft Bank, Allianz Insurance, members of the potash industry, the Brabag Coal Company, Deutsches Erdöl, and a number of other brown-coal industrialists.”

The Jewish-owned bank J. H. Stein (located in Cologne) was commandeered by the Nazis when General Kurt von Schroeder (an ethnic German) retired from the military.

The Hitler Worship Cult (softcover): http://amazon.com/Hitler-Worship-Cult-Justification-Publications/dp/1533074763/

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Enemy in the East – Reading & Analysis – Part Four

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Pictured above & below: Polish Marshal Jozef Pilsudski, also known as “the Father of modern Poland.”


Part five: https://wilkmocy.com/?p=8039

Poland Rising: Brilliant Polish women hand Germans their own @zz

The Germans are neurotic. Anyone who supports what Germany has done via this manufactured “refugee crisis” must be verbally shut down, exactly as this fantastic — nay brilliant — Polish woman has done here.

The refugee crisis is a German problem. Not a European problem. Not an international problem. A German problem. Germany is on her own.

Hungary and Poland are rising as Germany withers under the weight of her own insanity; like an old, neurotic hag.


janusz korwin-mikke Polish political commentator and Member of the European Parliament Iamge from his open facebook page - for Nikki
janusz korwin-mikke Polish political commentator and Member of the European Parliament
Iamge from his open facebook page – for Nikki