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Krazy Kahant Loses Her Sh!t Over Copyright

Krazy Kahant is a lunatic. She has it out for anyone and everyone with whom she agrees and disagrees.

Olaf Childress | Wed, 24/02/16

March & April issues of TFF

“If I got the wrong impression from your comment, I apologize.”
I accept your apology, Carolyn, as you did get it wrong. Why in God’s name you don’t want that HH speech appearing in TFF baffles me. OUR side includes The First Freedom, and if it’s just a matter of payment for that story’s use, how much? The March 2016 issue of TFF has already mailed out and will go online as is in a few days, or with pages 6 & 7 blanked out to reflect your objection and my apology to TFF readers explaining your position as I see it.

Krazy Kahant then shrieked in reply:

carolyn | Wed, 24/02/16

I got the RIGHT impression

“Obviously, I did NOT get it wrong, Olaf. You have it wrong and are in the wrong. You owe me an apology.

The March 2016 issue of TFF has already mailed out …

So you consider yourself a newspaperman but do not know you cannot publish other’s copyrighted material without their permission? Oh, you know but just ignore it because …. “OUR side”.

Excuse me, hypocritical b!tch? You published my material without my permission. What about that, you venomous viper?

[It] will go online as is in a few days, or with pages 6 & 7 blanked out to reflect your objection

Blanked out. And write whatever you want. I am going to write about the knaves and “pick-up-artists” in “our movement” who think they are above the rules. And I may even turn it into a radio podcast. You will star in the opening segment.

Go ahead, Janus Face. Wail, shriek and moan like you always do. Run even more people off with your creepiness. And no, lying jackass, I am not “wrong” that both Hitler and Himmler changed their minds about race. You just have no concept of chronology. And you simply ignore any evidence/books which contradict your viewpoint. If I might put it so gently, GFY.

(And there really is no need for me to remind you, Krazy Kraut, that Germany co-initiated and lost both world wars. So much for German superiority, eh?)

To explain why I “don’t want that HH speech appearing in TFF” is easy. I want control of my translation so every Tom, Dick and Harry doesn’t screw around with it and pass it from here to there. YOU are a Dirty Harry who is screwing around with it. It is available to be read free at carolynyeager.NET, that is enough. You can explain that to your readers.

Krazy Kahant is the “Dirty Harry” here. This lying animal has no problem harming others by infringing on their creative work and efforts, but when her efforts are infringed upon, she wails, shrieks and moans like a banshee in heat. MGTOW are right about this woman. She is a vindictive, hostile and selfish b!tch.

I did send you a private email but something went wrong with the address. I am resending it. But it’s understood, I hope, your April issue of TFF will NOT carry ‘Part 2’ of the speech.

You have been advised and warned.”

Well, well, well…it’s okay to violate my copyright, isn’t that right you snake in the grass? But when your copyright is violated, you throw a public tantrum like a toddler.

Here is my DMCA takedown against Krazy Kraut B!tch when she flagrantly and arrogantly violated my copyright and refused to comply with a simple request (not a threat) to remove it:


Krazy Kahant has proven to be a possessive control freak and a hypocritical criminal. And yes, she does have a criminal record. She can deny it until she’s blue in the face, but this information is of public record.


Ms. Kahant is batsh!t insane. What kind of white woman gets a traffic theft misdemeanor in her late 60s? LOL.

Screenshot of Kahant’s public tantrum:




Science Shows that Trolls are Sadists, Psychopaths, Narcissists

Science reveals what makes trolls so nasty

By Justin Jouvenal | July 21, 2015

Why do trolls troll?

Anyone who has spent time on the Web has probably wondered in exasperation what motivates people to spew venom and wreak havoc in seemingly every forum and comment section. Science has begun to provide a few answers.

A 2014 University of Manitoba study was the first to attempt to create a personality profile of trolls. Researchers surveyed hundreds of Internet users and gave them personality tests.



Most respondents said they liked to do benign things online, such as chatting and debating issues, but 5.6 percent reported that they enjoyed trolling. The personality tests for this group were striking.

People who enjoyed trolling had much higher rates of dark traits such as sadism, narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism — so much so that “it might be said that online trolls are prototypical everyday sadists,” the authors concluded.

The study also found a correlation between enjoyment of trolling and the amount of time a person spent commenting online — perhaps explaining why so many corners of the Internet seem overrun by trolls.

A 2013 George Mason University study found that trolls are not just annoying to their victims. Their actions can influence the way innocent bystanders perceive and receive information online.

The researchers asked nearly 1,200 people to respond to two versions of a blog post on the risks and benefits of nanotechnology. One had more civil comments appended, while the second had ruder and more aggressive comments.

The researchers found that reading the latter selection had a polarizing effect on respondents: Readers who thought nanotechnology was safe became more entrenched in their positions, and the same was true for people on the other side of the debate.

By now, there are probably a few trolling comments on this story, too.

URL: http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/crime/science-reveals-what-makes-trolls-so-nasty/2015/07/20/7ca2509a-273d-11e5-b72c-2b7d516e1e0e_story.html