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Styxhexenhammer Reviews “Black Nazis” & “Black Nazis III”

Styxhexenhammer’s review of my books Black Nazis & BNIII. (Note: The above pictured OOP edition of “The Hitler Worship Cult” is the 2016 limited election edition softcover. The current softcover edition/audiobook is available here: https://amazon.com/dp/1533074763/.)

The first ever 2009 softcover edition/first printing has been OOP since 2009: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1934703516/.

Styx’s review of the 2009 OOP edition.

Oh, and Mr. Holt, don’t fear Hetalia Axis Powers Cosplay, hon. It’s just a modern, Japanese-based, popular art form:

On the contrary, I find your sexism/misogyny extremely offensive #metoo:


In his own words: http://archive.is/j9aB8