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Thötterdämmerung Redux: Trollnado Exposed!

NazBolites, DigiNazis, QueenyCameronites, and the JWO. I might have known.

A Digital Nazi chimped hardcore on Twitter, claiming that Ms. Southern is part-Jewish. News flash!! Hitler had Jewish Admirals, Generals and Field Marshals conducting his war against fellow Aryans, like the Russians and Poles.

Whoopsie daisy!

Thousands of men of Jewish descent and hundreds of what the Nazis called ‘full Jews’ served in the German military with Adolf Hitler’s knowledge and approval.

Cambridge University researcher Bryan Rigg has traced the Jewish ancestry of more than 1,200 of Hitler’s soldiers, including two field marshals and fifteen generals (two full generals, eight lieutenant generals, five major generals), “men commanding up to 100,000 troops.”

Here’s one of the pictures that corroborates this. The picture shows ‘Jewish’ Senior Officers In Hitler’s Army: Erhard Milch, Wilhelm Keitel, Walther von Brauchitsch, Erich Raeder, and Maximilian von Weichs during a Nazi rally in Nuremberg, Germany, 12 Sep 1938.

PS: In approximately 20 cases, Jewish soldiers in the Nazi army were awarded Germany’s highest military honor, the Knight’s Cross.” (Source)

THE German army personnel office prepared a list in January 1944 of 77 «high ranking officers of mixed Jewish race or married to a Jew» serving in the Wehrmacht, the German armed forces.

All 77 had received a declaration from Hitler that they were «of German blood». Among the 77 were two generals, eight lieutenant generals, five major generals, and 23 colonels. The list was drawn up, on Hitler’s instructions, so that, late in the war, the officers could be discharged.

The officer drawing up the list admitted in January 1944 that it was incomplete. Bryan Rigg’s research has uncovered not just the list but many more such high-ranking officers in the army, the navy and the Luftwaffe. «I could add 60 names to that list,» he said.

Mr Rigg has found documentation to show that in the case of one field marshal whose father was Jewish, Goering and Hitler ruled that his «true father» was his mother’s uncle and that the field marshal was therefore of true German blood. His research has so far uncovered 17 instances where the Nazi hierarchy awarded the Ritterkreuz, or Knight’s Cross, Germany’s highest military honour, to someone known to be of Jewish parentage.”

Read more about Hitler’s political cuckoldry vis-à-vis Jews HERE.


Thötterdämmerung: Southern vs. The Alt-Reich

Millennial Woes on DS’s “ALT-THOT” meltdown:

Why is Mr. Anglin so hateful towards, and so angry about, Lauren Southern? Let’s have a look at the EVIDENCE…shall we?

First off, Ms. Southern makes more money than (i.e., has higher WN/Alt-Right market value than) Mr. Anglin:


Secondly, Ms. Southern purportedly “race-mixed” with a half-Black, half-Irish man (who is more Nordic in appearance (note his long, dolicocephalic skull) than Mr. Anglin, who looks physically, well, you tell me…):

Andrew Anglin:

Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin on Israeli television (2017).

And, thirdly, Ms . Southern purportedly “made love to” this Black conservative gentleman:

Um, SEVERAL NAZI OFFICIALS “maintained Negro mistresses” (op. cit. Gerald Horne’s “Race War!”) during WW2. Your bad, Alt-Reich. Not to mention, this half-Black man, Herbert Sabac el Cher, was married to a GERMAN woman and even had a child with her WHILE THE NAZIS WERE IN POWER (Axel was born in 1939):

“In the family chronicle a form distributed by the Nazis – pointing out the importance of “preservation, maintenance, and ongoing refinement of good inheritance [genes]” – is noted, and undoubtedly ignored, by mother Agnes along with the mandatory birth and baptismal information.” (Source)

Wait…did the Alt-Reich really just complain that Ms. Southern is part-Jewish?

News flash!!! Your hero, Adolf Hitler, PERSONALLY “Aryanized” tens-of-thousands of mixed race JEWS during his reign:

Klaus von Schmeling-Diringshofen was JEWISH.

Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers (synopsis): http://www.jewishmag.com/158mag/hitler_jewish_soldiers/hitler_jewish_soldiers.htm

Pity, Mr Anglin, you must not know that General Erich von Manstein was Jewish. His real surname was Lewinski-Levi.

Not to mention, Hitler was a Founding Father, among others, of the Jewish ethnostate of Israel. Your bad, Alt-Reich.

And, let me repeat, SEVERAL NAZI OFFICIALS “maintained Negro mistresses” (op. cit. Gerald Horne’s “Race War!”) during WW2.

So, not even Tara McCarthy’s minuscule Indian heritage matters, in retrospect. In fact, children of Indian soldiers and European women were declared ARYAN by the “arch-Nazi” racist himself, Heinrich Himmler. (Source)

Whoopsie daisy!

Awww, nuts! I don’t get to be part of the Alt-Reich owing to my 0.1% AshkeNAZI DNA and my 0.7% Genghis Khan DNA. Oh, boo hoo. Oh, boo hoo, hoo. What ever will I do?


Nevermind that Otto Kulessa here, a Bergen-Belsen guard and father of three mixed-race children in Nazi Germany, was PART-ABORIGINE:

Need I even point out Mr. Anglin’s former (and numerous) “multiracial” lustings and sexcapades? He was quite the serial, underage “boinker” and “luster-after” back in the day:

And, need I really mention that Millennial Woes was/is bisexual? That he found/finds men “more attractive than women”? His words, not mine.

And then there’s this silly idea floating through the Alternative Virtual Air that Tomi Lahren is “hotter” than Lauren Southern. Methinks the Alt-Reich has been hittin’ the Nazi Bong a little too hard these days (one of Tomi’s eyes is slightly bigger and higher than the other, her lower lip juts out, her nose is slightly crooked and has a dented tip, and she has a tall forehead…also, her eyelashes are stick-on):

For that matter, ANY Alt-Reicher who honestly believes that either of these fake blondes is “hotter” than Bill Kaulitz, well, he must be used to fapping to warthogs and water buffalo:

In any case, go forth into the night, ye brave Alt-Reich!! Tame those wild bitches and keep puttin’ their betas in stitches! And, most importantly, always trek BALLS OUT, even in the strongest of gales!!


Gen-X FashyCast w/Johnny & Ronnie – Episode 13

Copyright©2017. Wilk Mocy Publishers. All Rights Reserved.

In our thirteenth podcast, the crow flies so deep in this one, well, John and I can’t even really put it into words. Just have a listen and be prepared to have your @zz blown off by our intense discussion of Mazism and how it permeates everything from AI to “innocent” Hollywood films, like Harry Potter.

The liberal press is now exploiting and dominating the growing Alt-Right gender divide “LIKE A BOSS”…

“Alt-right” women are upset that “alt-right” men are treating them terribly: https://www.salon.com/2017/12/04/alt-right-women-are-upset-that-alt-right-men-are-treating-them-terribly/

“Alt-right” women discover that bitter racists are also sexist jerks: https://www.avclub.com/alt-right-women-discover-that-bitter-racists-are-also-1821030509

The Making of an American Nazi: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2017/12/the-making-of-an-american-nazi/544119/

Japan’s robots stepping up to fill worst labor shortage in 40 years: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2017/12/07/business/japans-robots-stepping-fill-worst-labor-shortage-40-years/#.WiqZ9Ddrw2x

Increasing numbers of Japan’s youth are asexual: https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2012/03/23/increasing-numbers-of-japans-youth-are-asexual/

Japan’s suicide rate exceeds world average: WHO report: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2014/09/04/national/japans-suicide-rate-exceeds-world-average-who-report/#.Wiinbjdrw2w

Is this the future of schools? ROBOT lets teachers take lessons, check work and talk to students from thousands of miles away: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2992095/Is-future-school-ROBOT-lets-teachers-lessons-check-work-talk-students-thousands-miles-away.html

The Rise Of The Robo-Waiter: https://www.npr.org/2011/05/13/136282554/the-rise-of-the-robo-waiter

Robots Will Transform Fast Food: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2018/01/iron-chefs/546581/

The Herbivore’s Dilemma: http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/foreigners/2009/06/the_herbivores_dilemma.html

Robots could force 800 million people out of a job, finds study: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/robots-job-losses-replace-workers-humans-mckinsey-employment-skills-a8082661.html

Lucifer: Satan, or Venus?: http://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/astrologicalmusings/2009/07/lucifer-satan-or-venus.html

Liber AL vel Legis by Aleister Crowley: http://lib.oto-usa.org/libri/liber0220.html

World Freemasonry Unveiled: Ordo ab Chao (softcover ed.): https://www.amazon.com/dp/1546522646/

World Freemasonry Unveiled (audiobook ed.): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072LVMKJZ/

#076 Freemasonry: Ideology, Organization and Policy: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0057WJPFC/

Hitler’s race views by 1944.
Black Pigeon Speaks
Black Pigeon Speaks
My mixed race DNA. No, I am not 100% “pure white”.
Kuzy’s DNA
Kuzy’s DNA
Kuzy’s DNA
Helmuth von Pannwitz
Otto Kulessa – part Aborigine KZ Bergen-Belsen guard
Ernst Hanfstaengl
This is “100% pure German”?
Reinhard Heydrich compared to a pure Armenoid type.
Reinhard Heydrich compared to a pure Armenoid type.
These eyes are not white, folks.
Goebbels was 100% pure German?
Reinhard Heydrich’s bust is evidence of Armenoid race features.
Adolf Eichmann’s “hooked nose” cannot be denied under any circumstances. He was not Jewish, but he sure as heck wasn’t “pure white” either.
Non-white eyes of Reinhard Heydrich
Mulatto Editha Horn
Mulatto Mandenga Ngando
Mulatto Ewan Ngando
Nazi cucks? Oh my!
Jewish-German Klaus von Schmeling-Diringshofen
A mixed race family in Nazi Germany? Oh dear!
Jewish General Helmuth Wilberg. He helped blow Poland’s @zz off for Hitler.
Jewish Admiral Bernhard Rogge
Edgar Jacoby was half-Jewish. Whoopsy daisy!
General Erich von Manstein was Jewish. His real surname was Lewinski-Levi.

Adolf Galland

An ideal German woman, according to NS propaganda. Not at all what white nationalist men lust after.

Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus: Flavian Signature Edition: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1461096405

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Gen-X FashyCast w/Johnny & Ronnie – Episode 13 – 12/07/2017

Music by Heimatærde & E Nomine.

9 – Official Trailer

Talespin – From Here to Machinery

Heinrich Himmler’s Gynocentric(?) Worldview

The role of men, according to Himmler, is to protect and provide for women; to fight and die for the women, children and NS state (which itself exists only to protect women and children). National Socialism is collectivist as well as woman and child centered: procreation/demographics plays a central role in NS politics. (Himmler bashes the priesthood and homosexuality not because he sees it as amoral, but because it leads to declining birthrates for the German ‘race’.)

“150 years ago someone at a Catholic university wrote a doctoral thesis with the title: “Does a woman have a soul?” From this the whole tendency of Christianity emerges: it is directed at the absolute destruction of women and at emphasizing the inferiority of women. The entire substance of the priesthood and of the whole of Christianity is, I am firmly convinced, an erotic union of men (Männerbund) for the erection and maintenance of this 2000-year old Bolshevism. I reach that conclusion because I know very well the history of Christianity in Rome. I am of the conviction that the Roman emperors, who eradicated (ausrotteten) the first Christians, did exactly the same thing that we are doing with the communists. These Christians were then the worst yeast which the great city contained, the worst Jewish people, the worst Bolsheviks that there were.

The Bolshevism of that time had now the power to become great on the carcass of the dying Rome. The priesthood of the Christian church which later subjugated the Aryan church in unending conflicts goes on, since the 4th or 5th Century, too long for the celibacy of priests. It relies on Paul and the very first apostles who derogate the woman as something sinful and permit or recommend marriage as merely a legal way out of prostitution – that is in the Bible – and derogate the procreation of children as a necessary evil. This priesthood continues along in this way for several centuries until in 1139 the celibacy of priests is fully implemented.

I am furthermore convinced that the way out for the few who do not want to yield to this homosexuality, especially for the country parsons, the majority of whom – more than 50 % – I estimate not to be gay, is to procure for themselves in confession the necessary married and single women; I assume that in the monasteries the homosexuality ranges from 90 or 95 to100%.

If today the trials that concern homosexuality among priests went on again and if we would treat the priests as [we do] any citizen in Germany, then I would undertake to guarantee for the next three to four years 200 or more such trials. The realization of the trials fails to take place not because there is a lack of cases, but because we just do not have as many officials and judges as we would need to employ. Within the next four years very conclusive evidence will be produced – I hope – that the Church organization in its leadership, its priesthood, is for the most part a homosexual erotic men-union (Männerbund) that on this basis has been terrorizing humanity for the past 1800 years, demands from it the greatest blood sacrifice, and has been sadistically perverse in its utterances in the past. I need only to recall the witch and heretic trials.

The attitude about the inferiority of women is a typical Christian attitude, and we also who have been national socialists up to this day – many even who are strict heathens – have unwittingly adopted this set of ideas. I know even today very many party members who believe they have to prove the special firmness of their worldview (Weltanschauung) and their own special masculinity through very rowdy and truculent behaviour toward women.”

–Heinrich Himmler

Apparently, Heinrich Himmler was a feminist of sorts. But before we get too excited about the so-called “superior” Germanic (versus Roman Catholic) treatment of women, we read from the same speech by Himmler that:

“The whole theory which one has rightly built up that the Germanic girl, if she is unlucky enough not to get married until 26 or 30-years old, lived up to that time as a nun, is a myth. The blood laws, however, were strict, that no guy and no girl was allowed to mess around with someone of inferior blood. That law was relentlessly and strictly observed. Furthermore this was strict: marital fidelity. If that was broken by the woman, the death penalty was imposed. For from that there was a danger that foreign blood come in.”

The ancient Germans murdered wives who “cheated” on husbands, but not vice versa. Male sexual hypocrisy and double standardism is not limited to Islam, Roman Catholics, Orthodox Jews or non-white men. It’s a male thing, not an “ism” or racial thing. Contrary to WN myth, which would have us women believing that we will have full rights and power as a group and as individuals in an NS society, NS gynocentrism came with a high price for women: total control over their job prospects, earning potential, sexuality and reproduction. German women were viewed solely as “baby makers” for the state and race. Unlike their NS male peers, who were individuals and achievers outside the home and bedroom, NS women could not hope to aspire to much more than a life of housework and motherhood.

No thanks.

Heinrich Himmler – Speech about Homosexuality to the SS Group Leaders