About Wilk Mocy Publishers

Welcome to the official website of Wilk Mocy* Publishers. We are a small, independent publishing business headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.

What We Offer

We offer exclusive books, audios and videos centered on World War II and the Third Reich. Our authors are knowledgeable, open-minded, and inquisitive, the “Three Keys” which set our history apart from the rest.

Our Customers

Our books, CDs, podcasts, and DVDs appeal to customers looking for unbiased, unpoliticized history, Third Reich and World War II history, omitted black history pertaining to World War II, or seeking to understand the basis of anti-Western sentiment today.

What Sets Us Apart

Kuzniar and Sexton, unlike most academic historians, write in congenial language that is understandable to readers at all levels of learning. They both excel at contextualizing World War II and the Third Reich and applying that history to today.

Our Goals

The first goal of our publications is to demonstrate how Third Reich history is used as a weapon in political and social discourse today.

Our second goal is to disarm the Left and Right with real Third Reich history, since both sides use this history as a weapon against free speech, free thought, and freedom in general. #Real3R

Our Authors

J. A. Sexton is a freelance investigative journalist and author. He has written three excellent reviews for Counter-Currents publishing.

Weronika Kuzniar (also known as V. K. Clark) earned her bachelor’s degree with High Honors in Liberal Studies w/Global Political Science in 2005; her master’s degree with Honors in Military History in 2009; and she completed a year of PsyD courses with a 4.00 GPA in 2010.

J. Vincent is our audio technician and podcast director. He’s in charge of digitally remastering our numerous radio interviews and podcasts. Visit him on Twitter@https://twitter.com/realJVincent.

Our Podcasts

Our “Powerwolf Podcast” series, which focuses on our research and publications, is available on YouTube. If you enjoy these podcasts featuring our unique research, please consider supporting this series via Patreon. We appreciate any support you can give. Thank you.

Ms. Kuzniar and Mr. Vincent have a brand new podcast, Gen-X Fashycast w/Johnny and Ronnie. We invite you to check it out here on our website. Please consider supporting our new podcast via Hatreon. We appreciate any support you can give. Thank you.

The Three Keys

  • Knowledgeable
  • Open-minded
  • Inquisitive

All content on this website is Copyright©Wilk Mocy Publishers. We abide by and enforce the DMCA.

* Phonetically "Veelk" "Moh-tzy" (with the "y" sounding like the "i" in "hill"). Wilk Mocy is Power Wolf in Polish.

13 thoughts on “About Wilk Mocy Publishers”

  1. Hi guys,

    How am struggling to convince people to stop thinking about race and linking Hitler with white supremacy. Twitter is loaded with these people. Are there any quotes or material you could advise to refer these people to?


    1. Sure, Shahid.

      Tell them that:

      1) Adolf Hitler supported and funded Zionism and co-founded the state of Israel (op. cit. Klaus Polkehn “The Secret Contacts” and Ingrid Weckert “Jewish Emigration from the Third Reich”)

      2) An estimated 150,000+ men with partial to full Jewish ancestry fought for Adolf Hitler in WW2 (op. cit. Bryan Rigg “Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers”)


      3) An estimated 3 million non-Germans (J. Lee Ready’s figure) fought in behalf of the Iron Cross in WW2.

      The applicable evidence and links/videos are all on this website.

  2. Your absolutely beautiful , and judging from your Red Ice interview highly intelligent . It’s unfortunate that you and the guys are Renegade are at odds with each other . Renegade are a bit too far right for my taste . There’s way too much in fighting , if it’s not the Pagans , Christians and atheist bickering , it’s the Far far right (Renegade )and various other factions butting heads.
    My views are , for starters I’m not a supremacist , just a preservationist and perhaps a separatist . Once the Canaanite FALSE Jewish elite have been thrown out of power there will be peace for all on planet Earth … I prey so . I take no issue with most Jewish folk , they are brainwashed from the cradle , those demented Talmudic Elites who rule Judaism on the other hand .
    Hey how come there no video of you speaking , it would be quite pleasant to hear you voice along with some footage .

  3. GG

    Your enthusiasm is understandable. I once imagined a scenario with Miss Veronica. It involved some indistinguishable friendly third person, Airsoft guns, a giant cherry Slushy, and I was whimsically considering if a surprise motorboat on her belly would make her squeak, bust my lip, laugh, or some combination thereof.

    Then the LSD wore off and I realized I was just dragging a mannequin around the Denny’s parking lot.


  4. Moving on. :D

    I was wondering if the students are still getting to use your work as their textbooks. I am sorry I cant remember who it was but it seemed like it came out last year one of your books was approved for a class.

    1. Where can I buy your books at? I went on Amazon and your Black Nazis book was out of stock and costed $800+ from other sources… Please reply or email me.

        1. Oh so that was only for the first print, I understand. Thank you so much I was on my phone earlier so I did not really notice the left side bar.What a relief I was afraid it would be impossible to obtain. I eventually plan on reading it and I’m sure I’ll be back with good feedback. You seem very intelligent and open minded to the revelation of truth!

    1. He saw them as inferior to Germans. He had no problem using them for the sake of military or political advantage, but he felt no genuine “love” for them — not even as “fellow white peoples”.

      On the contrary, Alfred Rosenberg — who is often mistaken as Jewish — was a bit of a Slavophile. However, he was repeatedly sidelined by Bormann, Himmler, Hitler and Koch. He possessed only nominal power in the grand scheme of things. He was a tragic hero of sorts. His Nuremberg testimony is nothing short of outstanding.

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