A RODOH exchange which makes me despair…

AS: “I know what I am actually saying and I will not read an entire book only to satisfy your demands or to read about hypothesis modern science already refuted.”

Me: Out of Africa is disputed, not debunked. There’s a big difference. And I am not saying that all humans originated in Africa anyway, nor is Sergi. You did not read his book and apparently refuse to do so.

Right up front in the portion of his intro which you cut and pasted above, Sergi acknowledges that the Eurasiatic race also left its mark on Germans and throughout Europe (today’s Russian backed thesis). What he disputes is that the Germans are Aryans. If you can prove otherwise, I would like to see that because the Nazi researchers themselves acknowledged that Germans were/are not Aryans. The researcher who pushed the German-Aryan-Nordic thesis was Hans F. K. Guenther, and he had no anthropological credentials. He was a faux researcher in this respect. I would invite you to read the work of Gregor, a university professor who further discredits the German-Aryan-Nordic thesis. In any case, this is why the Nazis dropped the term officially, which I already went over. They also struggled with the term Nordic later on.

You apparently do not understand the passage above that you yourself cut and pasted. You misinterpreted that information.

What Sergi says is that the Eurafrican race, which originated on the continent of Africa and emigrated to Europe, branched off into three subgroups, which included the Nordic and Mediterranean races. Those two branches then differentiated from the primordial Eurafrican core race owing to their respective geographies/climates/circumstances/racial mixing-infusions ex post facto.

AS: “If the Aryans comes from Africa continent then from where the Negroes comes from?”

Me: Please show me where Sergi makes the claim that Aryans originated in Africa.

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