The Hitler Worship Cult: Distortion, Justification & Mythmaking

The following is a synopsis of my new book,  The Hitler Worship Cult: Distortion, Justification & Mythmaking. This book relies heavily on the research of my Wilk Mocy colleague, Miss Kuzniar Clark. We both hope that this will be the controversial, breakthrough book that finally puts Neorevisionism on the map. It is, as I like to say, ruthlessly factual.

If you run askew of the Hitler Worship Cult, they will scream “shill”, “multiculturalist”, “Jew”, “agent” and hundreds more blasphemous epithets, meanwhile trolling you into oblivion. Who are they? What are they? And why are they misusing historical revisionism to push forth their agenda to Hitlerize the minds of us all?

The Hitler Worship Cult makes excuses for every single thing Hitler did. He could do no wrong, no matter what. Any attempt at honesty about Hitler makes the cult fly into a frothing frenzy. The goal of the cult is not to paint a true portrait of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist movement.

An HWC member on Twitter

Their goal does not include safeguarding us from Hitler’s wrongs. On the contrary, their goal is to bring back National Socialism exactly as the mainstream media portrays it: racist, supremacist, arrogant, imperialist, genocidal, and totalitarian. Divergent revisionist viewpoints are tolerated only insofar as the cult can utilize them tactically. They will be discarded once the cult has achieved power.

HWC Chimpout

Much of the cult resides safely within the Alt-Right just waiting for the opportune moment to spring. Are you informed enough to challenge this dangerous Hive Mind whenever and wherever it appears? If not, you need to read this book. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Let them scream “Jew rat” all they want

They are after your mind. Don’t let them have it.


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8 thoughts on “The Hitler Worship Cult: Distortion, Justification & Mythmaking”

  1. NOBODY at Renegade (that I know of) supports Trump OR David Duke. (or Hillary) or ANYBODY that supports the system that we have in place. I want a NS ethno-state, since you asked. That wouldn’t include the likes of Duke, Trump or any other politician who supports and/or it part of our failed democracy. What’s wrong with Hitler wanting to the Jews have their own state? At the time, do you think he knew what they’d become? He wanted them out of Germany, out of Europe. Getting them out was the goal and Zionism was one of the answers. I know Hitler wasn’t perfect, but he did the best he could do with the time and resources he had. Who’s to say he wouldn’t have influenced other nations to evolve into NS, and the world would have gone against Israel at some point? You’ll say I’m a typical Hitler worshiping apologist but I believe had he attained his goals, most of Europe would have seen the light and Israel would have been short-lived. Have you considered that?

    1. Every single one of your questions is answered in the book. As for RB allegedly “supporting Trump or Duke,” who said they did? I never said they did.

      And, I hate to break this to you, but Hitler knew EXACTLY what a Jewish ethnostate would mean for the world. He was advised by several (fellow) NS officials not to support Palestinian Zionism, but he did it anyway.

      You used the phrase “would have” twice in your comment above. This is prophesying. How can you prophesy what “would have” been since it wasn’t? Using the phrase “would have” destroys an entire thesis. It is 100% pure speculation, not fact.

  2. You asked the question (in the video) “Hitler worship cult (which is what you regard RB/RT as being ), what do you want? Do you want Donald Trump to say F the Jews, and praise anti-Semitism and accept David Duke and lose, or do you want him to pander to the degree that he knows he must and that we know he must to get into power?” I should have specified why I said that, I see now it would be hard to see what the hell I was getting at. I am not a writer by any stretch, my bad. We wouldn’t want Donald Trump, period. Either way he’s still just another deceitful tool.
    You said Hitler knew EXACTLY what a Jewish ethno-state would mean to the world…well that sounds like prophesying too. I think (sorry I can’t help it), that AH did what he did for reasons we will never fully understand, and he did it (here I go, thinking again) ALWAYS with the assumption and knowledge that the consequences from either victory or defeat would decide whether or not it was the right choice.
    “Hitler worship cult”, no. I take the good and bad and accept that Hitler wasn’t perfect, but he was a thousand miles apart from what came before and after. We can look to him for guidance and inspiration but certainly not as a perfect god-man. National Socialism itself should be the focus and the model, not just The Fuehrer. To say RB/RT is a “Hitler worship cult” is going overboard.

    1. RB, as a whole, worships Hitler. What else does “Alt-Reich” refer to? RB also promotes and pushes “Hitler wannabes” (no disrespect intended, as this is fact). Gerhard Lauck styled himself after Hitler. Look up some images on Google. Brian Ruhe, another RB favorite, also looks like Hitler. These men are difficult if not impossible to take seriously by anyone who does not **literally** worship Hitler. And Michael Walsh might as well be Nazi Germany’s Foreign Minister. He blindly accepts that everything and anything Hitler did was necessary, justified and/or sacrosanct.

      “The Daily Stormer” and many other WN groups worship Hitler, Trump and Duke. I never said the HWC was all in agreement. I simply said they all share worship of Hitler in common. That worship entails myth-making, justification, distortion and/or apologia.

      It appears that you have not read **any** of the literature on the subject of Hitler’s support for and funding of Zionism or you would not be saying what you are right now. Nor do you seem to care that Hitler accepted credit/lending from the Rothschild-controlled Bank of England in 1933. How is that fundamentally different from Trump’s creditors/lenders?

      It is provable fact that Hitler knew exactly what a Jewish ethnostate in Palestine meant for the world. He chose to support it and to help fund and populate it anyway. Just read Weckert’s work. She is a Hitler admirer and a revisionist and not even she could deny that Zionism was lost on the Jews without Nazism and political anti-Semitism.

      This is the end of our conversation until and unless you take the time to consult the applicable literature.

      1. And here we are…lol

        Thank you so much!

        I thought this would be way down in your feed by now, but here it is near the top again. GOOD! Maybe it’ll help someone else.

        I can admit when I was wrong. (more like in denial)

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