4 thoughts on “Adolf Hitler: Founding Father of Israel (part 1)”

  1. As usual, many great points and explanations. However do you not think that provoking the ‘White Nationalists’ and ‘Kahunt’ compromises your otherwise excellent work?

  2. Brian, I share your concern. It is valid and comes from a good place and cannot be responsibly dismissed. However, it is my experience that when one decides to publicly discuss and study The Third Reich there are already toxic stereotypes. Whoever, says Nazi, or Reich, or anything in tones other than of contempt risks immediately falls under suspicion as a potential sympathizer, or at worst a supporter of historical crimes. It is my current take that Clark’s tactic of ‘provoking’ or demonstrating public disdain for them serves multiple functions of self-defense, and establishes a clearer understanding that her focus is good accurate history and not the promotion of an ideology.

    Sometimes in life the only available seat in the lunchroom is with people of ill – repute. So to let others know your not turning into their big buddy you shove and curse the ‘ass hat’ you have to sit next to. In my view, as long as Clark doesn’t make it the focus of her uploads and has about 99% of the content directed at her primary purpose of educating with integrity it can, for the tentative and wary listener, actually add to her credibility. These groups give her a whole lot of grief for dismantling their mythology. Clark never claimed to be an exalted saint impervious to injury and naturally desires to strike back at those who cause her pain.

    She did a very good job of controlling herself in this upload. I found the “double-bitch slap” to not be distracting. Over time, Clark has become increasingly effective at communicating her observations, and her opponents teach her even more ‘Kung-Fu”.

    That is just from a bystanders perspective, and is subject to change without notice as new information arises.

    1. Well said, Bys.

      I think Brandon Martinez has had a similar experience as me with this WN cult. They keep coming back.

      I’m not at all worried. Truth (i.e. facts) always triumphs over cult ideology.

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