Krazy Kahant Lies Again

This is yet another lie. I don’t even know who this Giacomo/Sen guy is, so how could I have ever “linked up” with him? As well, I have never been “flakey [sic]” or a “White Nationalist”. I have managed to put myself through years of university with honors or high honors, to publish more than 30 books, and I have paid back over $50,000 in student loan debt — hardly flaky. Krazy Kahant needs to learn how to spell and then get her facts straight before she flaps the hole in her face that she dares to call a “mouth”.



What a fork-tongued, lying creep this “woman” has turned out to be!


2 thoughts on “Krazy Kahant Lies Again”

  1. Oh thank you. I was in a painful reverie attempting to fathom what arcane tomb of occult guitar chords would give birth to a chord such as F#7sus4, and furthermore what zany genius Alex Lifeson must be to have ever written The Prelude to Hemispheres and made it work perfectly.

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