The Elephant in White Nationalism’s Room: Adolf Hitler, Zionist

White nationalists, Alt-Righters and Tradcons, we’re all eagerly awaiting your explanation/justification for this:

Adolf Hitler supported and funded Zionism as well as the primordial Jewish state. Together, the Gestapo, NSDAP and SD trained, funded, aided and abetted the Jewish-Zionist Haganah, Hanotea, and Mossad le Aliyah Bet (modern Mossad’s forerunner).


This information, and much more, will be featured in two of Mr. Sexton’s upcoming publications. Stay tuned…


3 thoughts on “The Elephant in White Nationalism’s Room: Adolf Hitler, Zionist”

  1. 04:21 “…to save jewzi honor”.

    Just. Wow. For now.

    I know that is not what your getting at but….just to save a scandal! All that? No wonder their g-d stays angry.

  2. 06:54 That commemoration medal would be a sweet piece of hand sized proof to hand someone to drive the reality of the collaboration home.

    1. Indeed it would! There are photos of it, so it is a real thing. Goebbels was behind its production, though I’ve no idea how many were made. Mark Weber, David Irving and Ingrid Weckert have all discussed this “medallion” commemorating Nazi-Zionist cooperation.

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