Germany’s Woodgas Technology (Video)

This video is enormously important because it explains, albeit in German, most of what I have been trying to explain for 30 years about forgotten “woodgas” technology.

Some of your readers must read and understand German–and will appreciate its importance, especially with the accompanying text about the SIX MILLION vehicles that used it during WW2.

Fritz Berg

2 thoughts on “Germany’s Woodgas Technology (Video)”

  1. Fritz? You say you have been looking into this for 30 years?
    What is the real life inefficiency that prevents it from being widely adopted today?
    For example: I was going to build an electric car. But, the lead acid battery technology was too heavy to be practical on my terrain. The hills would cut the distance down so much it wouldn’t be worth the trouble. However, if I took the same build out to Kansas it would be totally worth it.

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