An Accurate Endorsement of My Thesis

I found this excerpt on a WN website…a pleasant surprise and accurate endorsement of my research (for a change)!

Question: Who was on watch in Germany when the door was first opened to a staggering number of foreigners?

Answer: Ironically, Germany’s immigration crisis began under Hitler’s watch, but he was advised to do it by more raceless technocrats who thought this was needed to win the war. What had happened is that a much abused Germany had temporarily gone into embracing a destabilized elite with high risk foreign policies, and with a need to compete with other great powers – or have its economy grind to a halt – Hitler launched an all out attack on Russia. And that didn’t have much anything to with some idealistic concept of spreading White pride worldwide.

No, it was about nothing less than bringing down “Jewish Bolshevism” and colonizing Russians and Slavs (members of the White race) and their living space.

In the attempt to do this, however, Germany not only drained and expended much of its best manhood (see David Starr Jordan’s anti-war book ‘The Blood of the Nation’ if this subject interests you), but absorbed a tremendous number of foreigners to fill the manpower loss and keep the industries going.

Racial sensitivities were to be temporarily cast aside or liberalized for this gamble, and a staggering number of those who were absorbed by the military or industries were either partly Jewish, non-Germanic Whites, Asians, Arabs, and even Negroes (Ref: Veronica Clark’s two volume set ‘Black Nazis’ was one many efforts to detail this much neglected subject which actually offers researchers no shortage of stunning photos as well.)

Over a third of Germany’s troops on the eastern front were former Soviet prisoners, but others came in voluntarily from fascist countries throughout the world. Then after the war, even though most were returned to their native lands, many returned again as Germany’s economy was restored; especially the Turks, as they had been in close contact with the Germans since the 17th century.

This is why the Turks comprise such a large minority in Germany today. The German business community’s appetite had been wetted by what it accomplished during wartime under Hitler, but many soldiers never came home, so the foreigners eagerly accepted the invitations to return

It’s also important to notice that, although the war began a deracination process for both types of national socialism, in Germany and the US, that the US was doing it at a slower pace. Additionally, American “national socialism” had not only the advantage of far greater resources, but represented a more modern type of business colonialism that did not always have to hold living space by its own expenditure of blood.

And the US certainly had “colonial possessions” itself, but the people in those territories had mostly been successfully moved from a more exploitative relationship to the much less exploitative relationship of a modern economy.

This is why, after superseding Germany’s colonialism, the US eventually superseded much of the colonialism of Britain (Roosevelt insisted on Britain opening up her markets to American business before getting serious about helping her) and eventually Russia.

– H. Michael Barrett

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  1. It’s pleasant to see fair treatment of history and those who actually research it objectively without bias. It’s all too easy to get caught up in what you want the truth to be. :)

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