One thought on “Hitler’s Roman Race Soul: The Jesus-Titus-Hitler Connection”

  1. This is sort of a test comment to see if I can use this type of section the same as a youtube comment. A sort of online scratchpad that folks are welcome to interact with. Perhaps sharing some experiences with a book as I read it might be fun. Not a review…just like an old fashion read and comment class.

    Anyways, I am a little over page 100 in National Socialist Christian and I am glad to have bought it. Its a bit quotey and academic at times but so far nothing stopping me from getting to the logic nuggets. I like the fact that it puts to bed what I had no hope of ever knowing previously. Was Hitler pure dam evil? And I mean on the soul level. Did he have some wretched evil wicked theology that made him want to draw a swath of carnage over the earth? I am convinced the answer is No. Now folks, that’s a pretty nice feeling. Going from not knowing to being content you’ve learned better regarding a darn dodgy subject. That’s why you should by this book. Its different, and I do mean your worldview has to do some acrobatics to accommodate the conceptual progression of Sexton’s propositions, but it is illuminating. A time saver really. The casual reader of history can benefit even from a fairly half effort reading.

    Enough text for testing purposes. I want to go read some pages and come back to this later to see how it works out.


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