Review of Friedrich P. Berg’s “Nazi Gassings” by J. A. Sexton

Reviewed by J. A. Sexton | September 11, 2015

Friedrich P. Berg, a retired mechanical engineer, has outdone himself in this outstanding, one-of-kind, layman friendly book.

Layer by layer, piece by piece, Mr. Berg literally tears to shreds the single greatest and most pervasive hoax in Western history. The unapologetic yet conversational tone of the book is offensively captivating.

I repeatedly found myself looking around, somewhat paranoid, or sitting back in my chair in shock over what I just read on a page. “Can someone actually publish something so blasphemous, so offensive, so defiant?!?!” But then I remember that I live in America, not in Europe, and I sigh in relief.

The most fact-filled and reader-friendly release on the hoax since “Did Six Million Really Die,” Berg has written a masterpiece that will one day be regarded by free speech advocates everywhere as a cult classic and testament to anti-censorship laws.

Unlike tradrevisionist books on the holocaust, which are unreadable and so chock full of footnotes that I think I’m reading a whole nother book in the page footers, Berg gets right to the point in every chapter and uses quick, in-text citations. While some parts of the book and thesis are repetitive, this is necessary to drive the most important points home. What Mr. Berg writes sticks with you. For example, “America is a luxury lunatic asylum for the criminally insane.” It’s not only true but it’s damn fun to say. At any rate, people have got to be able to remember what they read. They need catch phrases and repetition.

As to Mr. Berg’s sources, those who wish to see the sources in full need only download the free Kindle edition, included with any softcover purchase, and click the links with the touch of a finger or mouse button. It’s that simple. Unfortunately, tradrevisionism is going the way of the dinosaurs. Still clinging to old, outmoded forms of publishing and writing, tradrev is being left in the dust. Books like Berg’s — audacious, at times hilarious, and simply written for average people — are the wave of the future and I am honored to be a small part of the growing tidal wave of neorevisionism.

Get this book. Especially while it’s still available on Amazon UK and Amazon EU. You can’t afford not to!

— J.A. Sexton