SJW Gets Triggered by #NaziDiversity

Hitler’s Jewish soldiers – March 15, 2015

51iWI7oyOHL__SS400_By Ashtar Command “Seeker” (Sweden)

This review is from: Triumph of Diversity: A New Look at Hitler’s Armed Forces (Wehrwolf, 1) (Paperback)

I haven’t read this book, but there’s apparently a small cottage industry of books with a “Rainbow Reich” angle. You see, the Nazis weren’t really Aryan supremacists, but…multi-culturalists! Could you run that through me again, please, Herr Standartenführer?

**February 2017 update** Apparently, this troll edited his/her review to get it re-posted on Amazon. Amazon had removed it because Ashtar never even read the book. Not to mention, this book was out of print in 2010 and completely sold out and unavailable (unless used) by 2012. Epic fail, Ashtar.

It’s ironic that some Neo-Nazis actually paint the Reich in rainbow colors, a bit like the Neo-Confederates who claim that the South was multi-culturalist, while the Union was racist. These guys don’t seem to realize that they are confirming the dominance and victory of liberal multi-culturalism by their idiotic attempts to mimic it. As long as books like this get a hearing, me and the rest of my ZOG friends can sleep in peace.

Nice diversity of wolves on the front cover, too.