Gen-X FashyCast w/Johnny & Ronnie – Episode 18 (Public)

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In our eighteenth podcast, a post-show follow-up to my 1/25/18 discussion with Semiogogue, John and I engage in an informative, fun discussion about some of the comments I received on YouTube. Stunningly informative and extremely entertaining…if I might say so myself!!

ZOOM IN (on these anti-Semitic neo-nazis as they chimp hardcore on “muh YouTubes”)

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Gen-X FashyCast w/Johnny & Ronnie – February 2, 2018 – Episode 18 (Public)

Music by Heimatærde & Annie Lennox.

And please don’t miss out on Sargon of Akkad’s epic(?) anti-homosexual/racist rant against the Alt-Right. He literally screams the N-word and “f***ots” as he loses his kewl. He’s being treated exactly like he’s been treating Anita Sarkeesian and her followers for YEARS. Karma’s a b*tch, isn’t it Sargy? You nasty NAZI!