Spingola Special – Veronica K. Clark on “Stalin’s Folly” (audio CD)

Spingola Special – Veronica K. Clark on “Stalin’s Folly”

In this fantastic conversation between radio host Deanna Spingola and Military Historian Veronica K. Clark, listeners encounter all the latest developments, including several myths, regarding the origins of the 1941 Russo-German war in Eastern Europe.

From Joseph Stalin’s purportedly “peace only” posture to Adolf Hitler’s alleged “baseless aggression,” these two brilliant women deliver an unforgettable, auditory treat about the two most significant men in modern European history.

Who preempted who? Was Hitler’s aggression unjustified? Did Stalin have physical plans to invade further west than previously thought?

These questions, and so many more, are asked and answered in this unparalleled analysis of World War II. You don’t want to miss this amazing conversation!

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