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If you run askew of the Hitler Worship Cult, they will scream “shill”, “multiculturalist”, “Jew”, “agent” and hundreds more blasphemous epithets, meanwhile trolling you into oblivion.
Who are they? What are they? And why are they misusing historical revisionism to push forth their agenda to Hitlerize the minds of us all?

The Hitler Worship Cult makes excuses for every single thing Hitler did. He could do no wrong, no matter what:

Any attempt at honesty about Hitler makes the cult fly into a frothing frenzy.

The goal of the cult is not to paint a true portrait of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist movement. Their goal does not include safeguarding us from Hitler’s wrongs. On the contrary, their goal is to bring back National Socialism exactly as the mainstream media portrays it: racist, supremacist, arrogant, imperialist, genocidal, and totalitarian.
Divergent revisionist viewpoints are tolerated only insofar as the cult can utilize them tactically. They will be discarded once the cult has achieved power. Much of the cult resides safely within the Alt-Right just waiting for the opportune moment to spring.

Are you informed enough to challenge this dangerous Hive Mind whenever and wherever it appears? If not, you need to read this book. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Hitler’s race views by 1944.

They are after your mind. Don’t let them have it.
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