Thötterdämmerung: Southern vs. The Alt-Reich

Millennial Woes on DS’s “ALT-THOT” meltdown:

Why is Mr. Anglin so hateful towards, and so angry about, Lauren Southern? Let’s have a look at the EVIDENCE…shall we?

First off, Ms. Southern makes more money than (i.e., has higher WN/Alt-Right market value than) Mr. Anglin:


Secondly, Ms. Southern purportedly “race-mixed” with a half-Black, half-Irish man (who is more Nordic in appearance (note his long, dolicocephalic skull) than Mr. Anglin, who looks physically, well, you tell me…):

Andrew Anglin:

Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin on Israeli television (2017).

And, thirdly, Ms . Southern purportedly “made love to” this Black conservative gentleman:

Um, SEVERAL NAZI OFFICIALS “maintained Negro mistresses” (op. cit. Gerald Horne’s “Race War!”) during WW2. Your bad, Alt-Reich. Not to mention, this half-Black man, Herbert Sabac el Cher, was married to a GERMAN woman and even had a child with her WHILE THE NAZIS WERE IN POWER (Axel was born in 1939):

“In the family chronicle a form distributed by the Nazis – pointing out the importance of “preservation, maintenance, and ongoing refinement of good inheritance [genes]” – is noted, and undoubtedly ignored, by mother Agnes along with the mandatory birth and baptismal information.” (Source)

Wait…did the Alt-Reich really just complain that Ms. Southern is part-Jewish?

News flash!!! Your hero, Adolf Hitler, PERSONALLY “Aryanized” tens-of-thousands of mixed race JEWS during his reign:

Klaus von Schmeling-Diringshofen was JEWISH.

Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers (synopsis):

Pity, Mr Anglin, you must not know that General Erich von Manstein was Jewish. His real surname was Lewinski-Levi.

Not to mention, Hitler was a Founding Father, among others, of the Jewish ethnostate of Israel. Your bad, Alt-Reich.

And, let me repeat, SEVERAL NAZI OFFICIALS “maintained Negro mistresses” (op. cit. Gerald Horne’s “Race War!”) during WW2.

So, not even Tara McCarthy’s minuscule Indian heritage matters, in retrospect. In fact, children of Indian soldiers and European women were declared ARYAN by the “arch-Nazi” racist himself, Heinrich Himmler. (Source)

Whoopsie daisy!

Awww, nuts! I don’t get to be part of the Alt-Reich owing to my 0.1% AshkeNAZI DNA and my 0.7% Genghis Khan DNA. Oh, boo hoo. Oh, boo hoo, hoo. What ever will I do?


Nevermind that Otto Kulessa here, a Bergen-Belsen guard and father of three mixed-race children in Nazi Germany, was PART-ABORIGINE:

Need I even point out Mr. Anglin’s former (and numerous) “multiracial” lustings and sexcapades? He was quite the serial, underage “boinker” and “luster-after” back in the day:

And, need I really mention that Millennial Woes was/is bisexual? That he found/finds men “more attractive than women”? His words, not mine.

And then there’s this silly idea floating through the Alternative Virtual Air that Tomi Lahren is “hotter” than Lauren Southern. Methinks the Alt-Reich has been hittin’ the Nazi Bong a little too hard these days (one of Tomi’s eyes is slightly bigger and higher than the other, her lower lip juts out, her nose is slightly crooked and has a dented tip, and she has a tall forehead…also, her eyelashes are stick-on):

For that matter, ANY Alt-Reicher who honestly believes that either of these fake blondes is “hotter” than Bill Kaulitz, well, he must be used to fapping to warthogs and water buffalo:

In any case, go forth into the night, ye brave Alt-Reich!! Tame those wild bitches and keep puttin’ their betas in stitches! And, most importantly, always trek BALLS OUT, even in the strongest of gales!!