Gen-X FashyCast w/Johnny & Ronnie – Episode 12

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In our twelfth podcast, Mr. Vincent and I discuss the truth about Net Neutrality and increased Internet censorship and surveillance, the coming global AIpocalypse, Taylor Swift’s (unspoken) resistance to SJWism (you go girl!), the opioid epidemic and what’s REALLY driving it, and the coming gendercide (of women) and genocide (of non-Asian nonwhites) owing to AI. Tune in and have a blast with us as we lament the coming Jewzi/Anglo-run Mazi Dystopia.

Robots could force 800 million people out of a job, finds study:

A robot is coming for your job:

The white, Western European male-inspired AI womb (prepare for gendercide, women. you are redundant.):

By 2025, AI women will be superior and preferred by high IQ white, Western males and boys as sex partners, wives and/or mothers:

Meet your new AI parent:

Low IQ white men and women committing mass suicide via opioids (Um, AI is replacing them anyway, so who gives a rip?):

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Gen-X FashyCast w/Johnny & Ronnie – Episode 12 – 12/04/2017

Music by Heimatærde & E Nomine.