Gen-X FashyCast w/Johnny & Ronnie – Episode 11

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In our eleventh podcast, John and I discuss The Atlantic’s hit-piece on Mr. Anglin, A.I. (now and in the future), and Freemasonry (then and now). Believe it or not, we tie these three (seemingly) disparate topics together in our one-of-a-kind analysis of Captain William Morgan’s Freemasonry Exposed. We also discuss the bleak future of women and male ethnic minorities in an Anglo/Jewzi A.I. world, John B. Calhoun’s “Rat Utopia,” and how these subjects relate to the ‘Freemasonic dystopia’.

Have a listen as we send Mazis (Masons) and their Libtard minions into a tailspin with genuine analysis. You’ll enjoy it!

The Making of an American Nazi:

Yes, A.I. is coming for EVERYONE’s job:

Inside the First A.I. Church:

Elon Musk issues A.I. warning:

Stephen Hawking issues A.I. warning:

“In a weird way, shifting all the work (physical and intellectual) to robots is the fulfillment of Marx’s prophecy regarding the impoverishment of the working class (robots only need “subsistence,” they don’t complain). But what’s left for people to do? One might say, “a life of leisure.” But for many people, work is a major source of fulfillment. What happens if you take that away from them?” – Peter G. Stewart

Obsolete (2016 documentary):

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Gen-X FashyCast w/Johnny & Ronnie – Episode 11 – 11/19/2017

Music by Heimatærde & E Nomine.