Gen-X FashyCast w/Johnny & Ronnie – Episode 6

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**WARNING: Listener discretion is advised. Potentially offensive/graphic content.**

In our sixth podcast, Fritz Berg and I discuss the mainstream Holocaust narrative vs. the (Neo)Revisionist narrative. We also talk about various sociopolitical topics and current events, from the Jewish declaration of war against “Hitler Germany” to today’s #EUMigrantCrisis. Loaded with one-of-a-kind analysis and insight, you are guaranteed to hear something you have never heard before in this epic 2-part podcast. Have a listen!! (John was unable to participate in this episode owing to Hurricane Irma, but we were in contact throughout the storm. No worries, he’s safe but still without power. And he even edited this entire podcast during the storm!!)

Unfortunately, my recording software cut off while Fritz and I were discussing the language used in Himmler’s Posen speech, color video footage of the Holocaust deceased (and how none of the bodies were RED), as well as additional Goebbels’ diaries/Crystal Night and Jewish evacuation information, but most of this is (fortunately) covered in detail in our book “Crystal Night, 1938: Nazi Pogrom or Zionist Scheme?: An Investigative Analysis”: and in the following discussion thread on RODOH: For those who are interested in these details, please check out our book and these links.

Official German Katyn Massacre report:

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Gen-X FashyCast w/Johnny & Ronnie – Episode 6(1) – 09/10/2017

Gen-X FashyCast w/Johnny & Ronnie – Episode 6(2) – 09/10/2017

VIDEO: Gen-X FashyCast w/Johnny & Ronnie – Episode 6(1) – 09/10/2017

VIDEO: Gen-X FashyCast w/Johnny & Ronnie – Episode 6(2) – 09/10/2017

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Fritz Berg (edited):

“Although the given “official” story (perfected long after the war) was that “gassings had stopped in Nov. 1944” — what is the basis for such a claim — by Hilberg or anyone?…

Why would the Nazis have stopped their homicidal gassings when the enemy was so near to defeating them–and so likely to interview countless Jewish “survivors” for their unique horror stories?  Why leave any Jewish “survivors” alive at all?  So, try to find the document ordering that “gassings be stopped in November, 1944.”  Hilberg NEVER found any such document and neither did…anyone else…In any event, autopsies are…enormously important for exposing the holocaust. No doubt, the autopsies we know about are a major reason why Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald and Dachau have all been dropped as places where gassings might have occurred–even though any “gassings” might have simply been halted a few months before war’s end just like at Auschwitz supposedly.”

My response: It is super curious why NO autopsies were ever conducted on any bodies discovered at Auschwitz-Birkenau. Why not?

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Below is a comment posted on a neo-nazi blog by (Trad)revisionist Carlos W. Porter, which was copied & pasted and sent to me via email.

One thought on “Gen-X FashyCast w/Johnny & Ronnie – Episode 6”

  1. To: blake121666 Thu, 31/08/17

    [COMMENT BY C.P.: As one EMBARRASSINGLY STUPID PERSON to another, I am glad to meet you.
    I am amazed by the glibness with which the anti-revisionists get everything wrong while adopting an insufferable pretence of tremendous moral and intellectual superiority. –C.P.]

    For example:
    “Leuchter’s stupid argument that Zyklon fumigations would necessarily be explosive is flat-out wrong.”

    [COMMENT BY C.P.: That is untrue. Leuchter is perfectly correct. He says that HCN is not normally explosive at the concentrations usually involved in capital punishment gas chambers at some distance away from the source. Explosive concentrations may however occur near the source, i.e., before it has had a chance to circulate around in the chamber. He mentions a figure of 7000 ppm at the source, which he claims is indeed explosive. Thus the danger of explosion does exist. He also mentions the need for special anti-sparking electrical plugs and switches. The point is not what YOU OR I think the theoretical danger actually is, the point is that nobody would ever install a set of 5 double-muffle crematory ovens in the same building as another room full of potentially explosive gas floating merrily around in structures that could not be hermetically sealed. THAT is the point. – C.P.]

    “At least hundreds of thousands of fumigations of rooms and buildings were performed by the Germans during the war – in practically the identically same way as alleged for the Zyklon gassings – only in rooms w/o persons in them.”

    [COMMENT BY C.P.: Absolutely identical, yes, without people, yes, but also without a working crematorium in the same building. –C.P.]

    […],” Faurisson cites the Nuremberg document NI-9912 which was the guide for those performing building fumigations with Zyklon in Germany during the war. He cites the part at the beginning under the heading “Danger of explosion:” which emphatically states in bold letters “nicht explosiv” (not explosive).”

    [COMMENT BY C.P.: I have the complete text right here and I can quote it to you if you like. It implies that it is “not explosive” at the VERY LOW CONCENTRATIONS REQUIRED TO KILL INSECTS. Higher concentrations can indeed be explosive. Prof. Faurisson is quite correct about this. He recently distributed a news item describing the manner in which the STATIC ELECTRICITY FROM THE FUR COAT OF A CAT being “gassed” in an animal shelter in a small “gas chamber” using HCN caused an explosion which DESTROYED THE “GAS CHAMBER” AND KILLED THE CAT. I repeat: the STATIC ELECTRICITY FROM THE FUR COAT OF A CAT. –C.P.]

    “From THIS he goes on and on about how this really means that Zyklon fumigations are ridiculously explosive.”

    [COMMENT BY C.P.: Nothing is ridiculous in nature. Things are what they are, nothing more or less. Regardless of the how remote YOU might think the danger is, no one will install a set of 5 double-muffle crematory ovens in the same building where even a POTENTIALLY explosive gas would be floating merrily around in an adjacent room which could not be hermetically sealed (flimsy wooden doors with glass panes, key holes, etc.). This would never be done even if the room COULD be hermetically sealed.

    In safety procedures and industry generally, you don’t take chances. For example, if you work in a railroad yard, you are not allowed to step on a rail. Did you know that? You can step on rails all your life and maybe nothing will happen. But if you have a quarter of a million miles of railroad and a quarter of a million railroad workers, someday, somewhere, somebody is going to have an accident. Specifically, he’ll probably step on the rail, slip on some ice or grease or something, fall and hit his head on the other rail, and be knocked unconscious with his feet on top of the first rail; then somebody “humps” a boxcar to make up a new train, and cuts his feet off! So, you don’t step on rails. –C.P.]

    To: Hadding Fri, 01/09/17

    “HCN gas is explosive at medium concentrations. At high and low concentrations it is not explosive.”

    [That’s like saying, if I drink an OUNCE of whisky, I don’t get drunk. If drink a QUART of whisky, I don’t get drunk, either. But if I drink PINT of whisky, I do. That’s ridiculous. –C.P.]

    “The Degesch manual says this.”

    [You must be quoting out of context. I don’t believe it.–C.P.]

    “For delousing, you can avoid the danger of explosion by keeping the concentration low, which means that the process will take longer.”

    [COMMENT BY C.P.: The concentration will necessarily be very low if you’re only killing lice anyway. Actually, speed has nothing to do with it. Penetrating the cracks in walls and killing the eggs and larvae, as well as just adult insects, necessarily takes time. Document NI-9912 mentions 16 hours for clothes moths. –C.P.]

    “In an execution gas-chamber it is not acceptable for the process to take a long time.”

    [COMMENT BY C.P.: What is your definition of “a long time”? Half an hour? An hour? Two hours? The longest time on record is 19 minutes. The rapist Caryl Chessman took 13 minutes to die in the 1950s. Of course, the victims are unconscious most of this time anyway, so really… who cares? –C.P]

    “It is possible to do it that way, but not acceptable. Using low concentrations of HCN is therefore not an option for killing people.”

    [COMMENT BY C.P.: Why don’t we get down to specifics? The toxicity of cyanide gas is dependent on its concentration in the air. It used to be believed that a concentration of 5 ppm was harmless and could be breathed indefinitely; that 300 parts per million would kill a man, I believe, very approximately, in half an hour; that 500 ppm would kill a man in 15 minutes, and that 1000 ppm would kill him instantly. This last, at least, was found to be untrue. This last figure was then raised to 2,000, then 3,000, and even higher. Fred Leuchter mentions a concentration of 7000 ppm. Detecting the presence of HCN gas in the air is child’s play. You can do it with chemical paper. But how do you know the exact concentration, which may vary in different parts of the room? Since victims of cyanide poisoning become UNCONSCIOUS and may remain unconscious for up to 6 HOURS, how do you know they are dead? You’ve got 2,000 unconscious people in a room. If you wait long enough, they’ll probably all die, OK, but how do you know when? How long do you wait? How do you know when to quit throwing those cans through the hole? –C.P.]

    “The solution is to make sure that a high concentration of HCN is achieved quickly,…”

    [COMMENT BY C.P.: In the case of Zyklon, the rapidity of that “achievement” will be limited by the nature of the product, in which the acid was absorbed in a carrier base to SLOW THE EVAPORATION RATE AND MAKE IT LESS DANGEROUS TO HUMAN BEINGS. I question the logic of using such a product for mass extermination purposes. –C.P.]

    [“and that the gas is then evacuated quickly after the execution.”

    [COMMENT BY C.P.: You are forgetting the ammonia required to neutralize the acid. THEN you can evacuate it. How do people forget these things? –C.P.]


    Carlos W. Porter Mon, 11/09/17
    More on Safety Procedures

    Again, with reference to safety procedures, if the Germans learned one thing from the Hindenburg disaster, it was that you do not fool with “potentially” explosive gases. Yet Zeppelins were considered an established, safe and comfortable method of air travel, with thousands of successful flights over a 26-year period, plus extensive service in the first war. Then, for no particular reason, WHAMMO!

    The safest way to “gas” people is with inert or oxygen-blocking gases, such as helium, nitrogen, or argon. “Right to Die” groups used to sell “suicide kits” consisting of a plastic bag (to go over your head), a tube, and a container of gas. The easiest and safest way to “gas” yourself (should you feel so inclined – please don’t) is simply to build a charcoal fire in a sealed room — charcoal, nota bene, not “Diesel exhaust”.

    Lastly, it is not true that revisionism has no simple arguments. At bottom, it is all very simple. All you have to do is say, “How long does it take to cremate a human body today, with all the most modern equipment?”

    There’s the whole [Holocaust] shot in the a** right there. Or just say it’s all bullsh** and you don’t believe it. The prerequisite to successful action is the courage and the will to be truthful.

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