My Interview with Jake Arya of “Vegan Reich” (Pt. 2)

Wilk Mocy Feature Video

Jake Arya’s conversation with Weronika Kuzniar wherein we discuss de-weaponizing Third Reich history. Is the cartoonish version of Nazi Germany a serious threat to freedom, liberty & Jews today? Listen to find out!

The Vegan Reich channel:

5 thoughts on “My Interview with Jake Arya of “Vegan Reich” (Pt. 2)”

  1. Soo.. I just noticed this hand sign at the beginning bumper graphics of a Michael Tsarion video. What is it called? I call the OK sign.

    1. It is the okay sign. But, the MSM has “decided” that it is a secret white supremacy sign. So, I’m just lightheartedly trolling the #InsaneLiberals and #SJWs with it. But, it is just an okay sign to me. No worries.

  2. For some reason I keep thinking I heard the host say that we lived inside a hollow earth. Did any one else have a moment where they heard that. I am reaching out for independent confirmation because am usually really wrong about something at least once a day.

    1. Ok I found the ” .. we live inside the earth… I believe 100 percent at this point..” Time mark 26:42

      I sensed no mendacity and can’t help but feel a little fondly toward one so willing to pitch their minds over the walls of convention.

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